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  Step 1: 

Cut 5 each of pieces 1 and 2 on the RIGHT side of the fabric. I find it helpful to make cardstock stencils around which one may either use a rotary cutter or trace with chalk to cut with scissors.

Stay stitch the edges with zigzag or overlock stitch.



Step 2: 

Attach pieces 1 and 2 at the notch marks. This will create 5 long “spirals”.


Step 3: 

Attach the spirals one after the other LEFT edge to RIGHT edge.


Step 4: 

Attach the fifth spiral to the first spiral to close the skirt. The skirt will lay flat in a circle.


Step 5: 

Hem the skirt. Options include a folded roll hem, bias tape or a folded hem.


Step 6: 

Attach the elastic waistband.

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